Whether you have only one louse with a couple of nits - or an entire family infestation, Lisa the Lice Lady©  is here to calm your nerves. 

I will come to your desired location with a caring heart and the best proven delousing tools to eliminate head lice for your whole family.  You will learn factual lice information and be given sensible house cleaning instruction all with light-hearted humor to get you and your family feeling sane again.


  1. 100% natural, pesticide-free treatment

  2. You don’t have to touch bugs.  I do the dirty work, as you sit back and watch

  3. Prudent measures are taught to both parents & children for detection, prevention and treatment.

  4. Same Day Service

Sanity: I know what I am doing!  I will ELIMINATE lice and nits with proven SAFE products and professional grade tools that WORK the FIRST TIME so you can get on with life!! Once I arrive you will feel the stress lifted off of you, and your kids will appreciate that too!

Results: Unfortunately, seasoned families know that without expert knowledge and professional tools it sometimes can take 3 - 6 months to eradicate lice.  I can remove lice with one safe treatment and comb-out. By the time I leave your house, your child will be lice and nit free and ready to go back to school.

Experience:  I have been treating kids and their families for years.  My happy clients are my trademark and my only advertising is word of mouth.  

Pesticide Resistance: Parents buy toxic pediculicides such as NIX & RID ($20 per application). When repeated applications fail they begin to question the efficiancy of the products and try alternatives.  Harvard School of Public Health concluded in 1999 that some strains of lice have grown resistant to the pesticide permethrin in NIX & RID. "Pesticide Resistant Head Lice Found in the United States", 1999, Harvard School of Public Health. 

Health: The U.S. EPA classifies the neurotoxin permethrin (also used in the bug killer RAID) as a "likely to be a carcinogenic to humans". "U.S. EPA. Registration Eligibility Decision (RED) for Permethrin", May 2009, United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

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Lisa the Lice Lady

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